Grow Your Booty - Metabolic Base - Description

Metabolic Base is the foundation block of our Grow Your Booty Program. The emphasis of this block is on establishing a base of fitness. We challenge your muscular endurance in this block by incorporating higher reps, lighter resistance, and shorter rest periods. This block with boost your metabolism and prime your body to build muscle and strength in our subsequent blocks.

We break each block of this program into 3 progressive weeks followed by a recovery week to prepare you for the next phase. We use a mix of follow-along circuits and demonstration videos. You will never question what you should do; we've got you covered with a complete plan for every day (training and rest days). 

We built Grow Your Booty for those who want a streamlined program that doesn’t require endless hours in the gym. Each training session will last 45 min - 1 hr, and each stretch session will take 20-40 min. It‘s time to take your fitness to the next level!

X Warm-ups

X Workouts/tutorials

X Core circuits

X Conditioning circuits

X Cooldowns

X Stretch and mobility sessions

X Corrective exercises

X Your Best Booty Yet

Let's GOOOOO!!!!!