Grow Your Booty - Block 2 - Description

Block 2 - Our glute-building journey continues as our focus shifts to strength - volume will decrease incrementally throughout this block as we build our strength a little more each week.

We break each block of this program into 3 progressive weeks followed by a recovery week to prepare you for the next phase. We use a mix of follow-along circuits and demonstration videos. You will never question what you should do; we've got you covered with a complete plan for every day (training and rest days). 

We built Grow Your Booty for those who want a streamlined program that doesn’t require endless hours in the gym. Each training session will last 45 min - 1 hr, and each stretch session will take 20-40 min. It‘s time to take your fitness to the next level!

X Warm-ups

X Workouts/tutorials

X Core circuits

X Conditioning circuits

X Cooldowns

X Stretch and mobility sessions

X Corrective exercises

X Your Best Booty Yet

Let's GOOOOO!!!!!