Essential Fit Description

Essential Fit is a beginner-intermediate level program that will leave you essentially fit - with toned muscles, a healthy heart, a focused mind, and an energized, mobile body. This program brings you quick and effective routines that you can follow along in the comfort of your home. 

Essential Fit requires a few pieces of equipment - dumbbells, a resistance band, a booty band, a yoga ball, and a chair or bench. 

This program is suitable for beginners and intermediate trainees looking for a quick and effective exercise routine. All sessions will take less than 45 minutes to complete (most sessions are shorter than 30 minutes). 

x  Follow-along warm-ups

x  Follow-along workouts

x  Follow-along cool-downs

x  Follow-along stretch sessions

x  Follow-along corrective circuits for better posture

x  Progressive training - continues to challenge you week after week

x  Workout from home with just a few pieces of equipment

x  Get in kick-ass shape

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