Condition Overload - Block 2 - Description

Block 2 - Hypertrophy continues our journey, focusing on volume and progressive overload. Hypertrophy builds a little more each week from the previous week's workouts. Our mantra for this block is 'hurt so good.' The squeeze, the pain of each rep and set, is the key to unlocking growth. This block will prime your body for Block 3 - Strength, where the gains blossom.

This program is broken into 3 progressive weeks followed by a recovery week to prepare you for Block 3. We use a mix of follow-along circuits and demonstration videos. You will never question what you should do; we've got you covered with a complete plan for every day (training and rest days). 

Condition Overload is no joke; we built this program for serious trainees looking to take their fitness to the next level. Each training session is between 45 min - 1.5 hr.

X Warm-ups

X Workouts/tutorials

X Core circuits

X Conditioning circuits

X Cooldowns

X Stretch and mobility sessions

X Corrective exercises

X Your Best Physique Yet

Let's GOOOOO!!!!!